• Flowers delicately crafted from Upcycled Plastic
  • Cirrus Lamp
  • Plastic Garden

At the Secret Life of Plastic, we create a stunning range of lamps, jewellery, flowers and wedding decor from plastic waste such as bottles, containers and packaging. As the amount of new plastic products being produced is growing year on year, our value on this material seems to be dwindling at the same rate. About 50% of this versatile hard-wearing material is now used in the production of single-use disposable items like water bottles and soda bottles, plastic cups, straws, cutlery, containers and plastic packaging. We will use that plastic bottle or plastic cup once and dispose of it but it doesn’t just disappear.  It will still be there, somewhere, for 500 to 1000 years. For more on this subject see my blog post So Much Plastic Waste.

The aim of Secret Life of Plastic is to give a renewed value to this material;  people need to be more aware of the fact that this substance is built to last.  Any plastic item we own should be a treasured thing, like an heirloom, because we can guarantee it will survive down through a number of generations in our family without any special care or attention.. when we say something built from plastic is built to last, it really is built to last… forever.

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