A Sustainable Economy

A Sustainable Economy

My interest in the overproduction of plastic has developed over time through my interest (and disdain) at the workings of the world economy in general. I started the Secret Life of Plastic to try to raise awareness about this ubiquitous, toxic, disposable product that has become such a massive issue and to promote the need for a more circular, sustainable economy.  Otherwise, we are just handing over a destroyed mess of a planet to future generations.

This system as it stands is unsustainable.  Our desperate need to consume more and more because everything we buy needs replacing after 6 months to a year is totally unsustainable.  The fact that everything we purchase comes wrapped in layer after layer of plastic packaging is ridiculously unsustainable.  Add to this the awful fact that we are viewed only as consumers by the corporations and financial markets that make all the rules!  They need us to keep buying and spending and upgrading and buying some more to keep this unsustainable system in place for their benefit.  It is infuriating!  We need a more sustainable economy in place if we want to pass any kind of a half decent future onto our kids and grandkids.

From a Sense of Doom to a Glimmer of Hope

I was lucky enough to have been able to travel for a number of years in my youth.  I really fell in love with the diversity of the world, the wonderful and fascinating cultures I was privileged to witness and experience.  All these experiences led me back into education about 10 years ago as even though I had traveled and learned so much I knew that my clear understanding of it all was limited.  I studied international development, politics, and social sciences and at the end felt such an overwhelming sense of doom! I really thought I would study and find answers but I just seemed to learn more and more that there was a massive system in play that we no longer have any control over and it was all pointless and I may as well go and sit in a dark corner and forget all about it and give up…..!!!  But of course, I can’t, I have a child whose future is in the making.

Social Enterprise’s Offering Hope

I re-emerged from my dark corner and went back to study.  This time community development and social enterprise practices.  Discovering the wealth of social enterprises across the globe gave me a glimmer of hope for the future of this planet. I discovered lots of inspiring amazing people who are making an effort to raise awareness and offer hope.  A brilliant example of this is Annie Leonard and the Story of Stuff Project, and today I felt compelled to share their first short film with you. They have since made plenty more interesting short films which can be found on their website at www.storyofstuff.org



I’m not a religious person, I believe that we are clever monkeys who through some amazing freak of nature have become aware of our own existence in space and time, and have wrongly decided that we are the reason this planet is here..!  We are a small blip in the millions of years of evolutionary development on this planet and we really need to make an effort to stop with the destruction…!!  Ok, rant over:)


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