Secret Life of Plastic – Behind the Scenes

Secret Life of Plastic started innocently enough. 1 minute I was happily humming away to myself playing around with some plastic sheets and plastic bottles for a personal art project, jump forward 18 months and I am now in full blown obsession mode. Every spare bit of space in our already small house is filled with plastic.  The shed, the attic, a number of large containers in the garden; all full of plastic.  So how did this happen?

About Us

How did this happen?

At the same time, I started creating with plastic, I also discovered the full frightening extent of our global problem with plastic. For more on this see the Real Life of Plastic Blogspot.  Suddenly I found myself unable to put any plastic in the bin. I also found myself collecting plastic from other people to save them from the bin and going to the beach to collect rubbish from the shore, most of which is also plastic…. yes it did get rather obsessive.  While I was still creating things out of this waste, I couldn’t keep up with the amount coming in… I held a couple of exhibitions locally and printed leaflets on the realities of our plastic consumption but knew I needed to do more.

Where I’m at now

This brings us to where I’m at now. My background is in community development and I also studied Social Enterprise with UCC a couple of years ago so I figured I needed to put all this together.  I am creating an ever growing range of pieces from upcycled plastic to sell; have a look at these in my portfolio here.  With the proceeds, I plan to create a small plastic recycling enterprise and use it to bring educational workshops to schools.  I have already purchased a desktop plastic grinder and plan next to get an extruder.  With these tools I will have the ability to bring found plastic waste back to a raw material; having a teenager at home myself I know just how creative and imaginative our young people are today so I believe bringing this workshop idea to schools will unleash a mountain of creative, innovative ideas for a future filled with circular economy initiatives..!!

About Us

If you would like any further information from me please feel free to contact me.

All photos on this page by Julia Dunin Photography