It’s hard to feel positive

It’s hard to feel positive

It’s been a strange couple of weeks, it’s hard to feel positiveIt's hard to feel positive about things, on both a massive scale and a tiny scale, things seem a mess. Having watched a very dangerous, narcissistic tyrant gain power over the most powerful economy in the world; a man who thinks climate change is a joke and who plans to run America as a business, a man who seems able to completely block out any knowledge of the lives of real people seeing them only as tiny worker ants in his now massive colony. What’s to become of us all…. it really is the rise of stupid.. There is a wave of nationalist patriotic fever spreading like a disease across Europe, some strange dystopian nightmare is looming ahead for the next generation, for my child.

Information in bite size pieces

What’s even more scary about the whole thing is that so many people seem to have lost interest in reading things, learning things… information is now in tiny bite size pieces often missing the threads needed to give them context, to explain connections and correlations to things in the past that we really should be learning from. I read Farenheight 451 recently and thought f”*k me this is possible, this really is the way we could go without even realising it happens. My teenager’s history lessons at school are so dull, the textbook is so dull, the teacher (though lovely) seems unable to inspire any kind of enthusiasm in the class. Social media means people only have to see the things they choose to see, the news they want and agree with, only hear the opinions that match theirs, we can just block people with opposing views so we don’t have to hear stuff that may make us question anything.

On a local level

Then, on a local level, looking around this great little town I live in and wondering why is there no central community/cultural centre? The various community groups may have their own places if they are lucky enough to get funding or find a way to sustain themselves; but why is there no shared space?? Again it is just like everything else, people won’t get to hear about anything that does not directly interest them or impact their lives… Who chose this way, there is always funding available for business ideas (I say always but that is also really hard unless you already have funds you can’t access funds, catch 22) but it seems there is no funding for a place where all cultures, groups, communities, opinions, views and discussions can mix..?

And… My mess at home..

And on a micro level, looking at my own mess at home, I’m finding myself frustrated and confused at my inability to see the change I want to see, just for my own sanity.  Where does all this waste come from.?  I make such an effort where I can to reduce my own use of plastic and plastic packaging but financially at the minute, it is so difficult to choose the environmental option.  In the supermarket, I try to only buy whatever fruit and veg are available without packaging and the difference in price is ridiculous. As for all the other foods the family want to eat there are no unpackaged options and there are too many things no-one wants to give up…. they just roll their eyes at me and the rant goes over their heads.!

So, what are we heading for?It's hard to feel positive

What are we heading for? The animated film Wall E keeps coming to mind, lots of really large lazy people in electric chairs with their faces stuck in front of a computer screen, all floating around in a spaceship version of a cruise liner while robots try to clean up all the plastic waste that covers the surface of the earth- the earth where nothing lives anymore. Surely we can head for something better than this?? Okay, I’m ranting again, now that I have got that out of my system the next time I post should be something positive…

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