One Small Change, from Galway Atlantiquaria to Cleveland Aquarium

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It was a privilege to be a part of the One Small Change project in Salthill, Galway last year. This fantastic initiative was the brainchild of Dr Noirin Burke and Garry Kendellan of Galway Atlantiquaria. With funding from Galway European Green Leaf and Galway City Council, they brought loads of local eco friendly businesses and organisations together to promote change. Their main aim was to get people talking about marine litter, plastic waste, and what small changes everyone can make in their own life that will benefit the environment.

My small part was building some marine life sculptures from plastic waste. The Aquarium staff have since then taken these sculptures out and about talking to people at every chance they get. One of these outings was to Seafest 2018 where a couple of teachers from Cleveland Ohio came across it, and they were inspired…!!!

One Small Change Reaches Cleveland Ohio

On returning home to Cleveland Daniel Pernod set to work with his students and I received the following wonderful email-

My wife and I are teachers and spent a few weeks in Ireland this summer. We happened to be in Galway during Seafest! I was especially intrigued by a few pieces you had displayed there, and couldn\’t get it off my mind. When I returned home, I organized a beach clean-up in Cleveland, Ohio on Lake Erie with my 120 students. They took all of the trash back to the school, sorted it, and with the help of our art teacher, we worked together to turn the trash into Art. My classroom was a mess for a week! The Cleveland Public Library, as well as the Cleveland Aquarium are going to display my classes\’ projects in January and February. The Language Arts classes then wrote paragraphs discussing the impact of pollution on their subject selected. I\’d love to send you pictures, as well as use your name as the inspiration for the project.
When I told my classes what we were doing, and that I hoped it would inspire others, they laughed and asked if that would work. I told them about you and our chance encounter in Ireland with
you artwork. I explained to them that it clearly works! Thanks for the inspiration!

The pictures you see here are of the amazing work created by Dan and his students. The work is now, February 2019, on display in the Cleveland Aquarium!!! I am absolutely certain these students will go on to inspire so many other people to make a change in their relationship with plastic, even just One Small Change.

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