Flowers; Fresh from the Plastic Garden

This range of Flowers; Fresh from the Plastic Garden, are beautiful, delicate and elegant enough to compare with an exotic bloom placed in a vase in the centre of your living room, except these will last forever. Okay, maybe I’m pushing that a bit because it is hard to beat real exotic flowers or plants and I really do love them as much as most people, but I love the idea of turning what’s essentially seen as rubbish into something that will be given centre place on the table.

I have made quite a few of this range and I’m really pleased with them.  Some are a more delicate style than others, some seem more outrageous and wild than others. I don’t think any of them have come from a perfectly pruned well kept garden though, they have all come from some overgrown wild funky meadow!!

These blooms look gorgeous on their own, in pairs or in a bunch.  Their stems are made from fencing wire which is covered with environmentally friendly paper tape (the tape sticks with a natural, non toxic glue).  The stems are very long and easily bent and shaped as you want without fear of breaking.  This means you can curl up the stem and place the flower in a mason jar or glass and then easily straighten it out again to put in a tall vase.

Why I make Flowers

Flowers are the ultimate way to get people to look at their plastic waste in a whole new light.  The idea is to turn that piece of plastic rubbish into something you would want to treasure.  We are so surrounded by plastic all the time, everywhere and we have no value for it;  it has all become disposable in our eyes.  Making flowers seemed to be the obvious thing to do.  But it is also the most rewarding; the ideas and possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.