Lamp Made From Upcycled Plastic Cups

The LightBall is made from a considerable amount of plastic cups held together with plastic zip-ties.  The cups were given to me by the manager of a very popular deli here in Ennis; Delia’s Deli.  They received a few boxes of cups with lids which never fitted properly and they had been sitting in the storeroom for a couple of years.. they were happy to donate all of them to me for my plastic playtime.  The plastic zip-ties, I admit I did buy some of them, but I’ve also found that nearly everyone I ask has bought a packet of them at some stage because they needed 1 or 2 and the rest of the packet are sitting in a drawer somewhere gathering dust. (at least they are not sitting in landfill or floating in the ocean).

This lamp creates wonderful shadows and patterns on the wall, especially if it’s sitting in the corner of the room. I’ve actually had it in a number of different places in the house; on top of a tall lampstand in the living room, on the coffee table with a lamp under it (see picture) or in the corner (see other picture.  I’ve also had it in the garden with a set of solar lights under it during the summer which was gorgeous.  As it is made of plastic it can withstand any weather.