Lamp made from upcycled soda bottles

The SpikeBall is one of the first lamps I built when I started playing with plastic waste. It’s actually quite heavy, when I started to make a larger version of it I realised it really wasn’t feasible as it would be too heavy for a ceiling fixture. I have since figured out how I could create the same thing again but a bit lighter.

The light and shadow this lamp created is wonderful and I now have it as my bedside lamp! To have a look at my other lamps and lighting made from plastic waste click here.  I am due to set up an online shop very soon but if you can’t wait for that and want to contact me about any of my products then please do so here.

The reason I create all these things from plastic is to try and raise awareness about our addiction to plastic, I am trying to rethink this waste and find ways to view it as a resource.

If you want to know more about the Real Life of Plastic then have a look at my blog here, but be prepared the sad facts about our over dependence on disposable plastic items will possibly shock you.